Who are you goin' to blame this time

Last power crisis it was all Max Bradfords fault. Not this time. So who are we going to blame?

Adolf at Sir Humphries asks some damn good questions. I have added extra comment.

  1. Whose political heads will be rolled for this debacle in electricity supply? It's no good blaming Max Bradford. You might as well blame the bloke who invented electicity.

  2. Why were there no police on hand to direct traffic and pedestrians?

  3. Who would have paid the courageous civilians who volunteered for points duty int he abscence of any Police prescence at all, for loss of income and hospital bills, had he been hit and injured?

  4. Where are the Auckland City Council building ordnances which allow high rise buildings to get away without emergency lighting in a power cut or fire?

  5. Why did most of the phones, including mobiles go down as well?

  6. Could the crisis have been averted if Clark and Cullen had invested $25 mil in improved city electricity supply instead of using our money to steal themselves an election?

  7. Why was the Internet down all overAuckland as well when Telecom maintains redundant power supplies at all its Exchanges?

  8. How can Aucklands power supply have only one point of failure?

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