July 2006

More pod photos

Apparently Angelica Whaleoil was making "anything" cookies. It is school holidays in Korea where my Brother Whaleoil lives with his pod, and this is one of the children's activities at the Hyatt Jeju.

In case you want to know Brother Whaleoil is the General Manager. the picture below is Angelica Whaleoil with her course tutor, one of the chefs of the hotel.

Master Whaleoil is mad

Not mad in a crazy sort of way, but mad in an angry sort of way.

Master Whaleoil returned from school yesterday very upset at the change to our nations coinage.

He is mad because with the demise of the 5c coin he reckons things are going to cost more. He reckons he will now have to try harder at garage sales to appear poor so he can get good deals and he has enlisted his sister Miss Whaleoil to the cause.

What cause?

Well Master Whaleoil has found his politcal voice and he says he wants to organise an "angry mob" to protest these uncalled for changes. When he says "an angry mob" he even waves his fist.

The boy has promise.

They jack up the rates then they demand we pay them faster.

Auckland City knows no bounds. Deputy Mayor Hubbard despite his promises has not only jacked up rates to unprecedented levels but now he requires the council to collect the rates even faster than usual.


As one taxpayer had to say;

[quote]"The council has transferred its cashflow problems to me," he said.

"It just seems to me some kind of skulduggery or scurrilous financial practice to suddenly change the date at which they start charging the rates."[/quote]


Isn't your life a mess when you can't even kill yourself properly

I have always said that people who commit suicide are cowards.

There are however some people who are bigger cowards and they are the ones who can't even get up the gumption to do it themselves and have to enlist some poor unwitting schmuck into their efforts to kill themselves. They are the true cowards.

One such coward is Ricky James Beckham who was so upset about his missus telling him to take a hike he wandered into a gunshop with a machete so they could kill him.


Further he is such a loser he couldn't even manage to kill himself successfully. Mind you he is really lucky to be alive as he was shot wit a .45ACP. Now they make really big holes in targets and people. I mean really big holes. Half an inch across. Oh and they are pretty successful at putting people down with one shot.


Hasn't the government done well on home ownership?

Well, No, actually.

Since 1999 home ownership rates have fallen dramatically, so fast in fact that plummet might be a better description.

How fast?

In 1999 home ownership rates were 74%, now the figure is 44% with a 14% drop in the last year alone.

I find this astounding that despite a booming economy and increasing employment that home ownership rates have fallen.

Of course one might be considered cynical and pointout that rampant over taxation at national and local levels may perhaps be contributing.

So what is the government solution?

More bloody welfare of course.

Anyway with such a drop it means there are more tenants, and for me with 4 houses that means better choice of tenants. On a purely selfish note, long may home ownership plummet.

In a nationwide perspective iot simply shows that Kiwis are becoming poorer while the government raids our purses and wallets in ever increasing amounts.


Gerry reckons Jim is having a lend

Gerry Brownlee reckons Jim Anderton is having a lend of us to the tune of $72,585.

And I reckon he is right. 

Image 1 is an ad from the Progressive website.


Image 2 is the governments latest anti P ad.

So what do you reckon?…..looks like he is having a lend of the taxpayers, but then what do you expect when he is in bed with blatant thieves of taxpayers money like the Labour Party.

Editorial socks it to Auckland City

The Herald editorial socks it to the Auckland City Council but in particular the left controlled councillors of City Vision and Labour led by Mayor Bruce Hucker.

[quote]Yet just as the John Banks-led council seemed bent on alienating large slabs of the populace during its three years in power, so the current City Vision-Labour council appears to have a death wish. It has confirmed as much with the outrageous decision that will lead to a 9.6 per cent rise in Aucklanders' water bills.[/quote]

And your point is?

Javed Khan reckons Don Brash is racist because he has called for a ban on migrants who don't hold "bedrock" New Zealand values.

[quote]the speech made it clear that Dr Brash wanted immigrants to fit his view of a mainstream New Zealander, and therefore excluded people such as Muslims.[/quote]

And your point is Mr Khan?

Tau gets stuck into Winston

In todays Herald, Tau Henare gets stuck into his former leader Winston Peters.

[quote]"I think it is his last hurrah, and he's already screwed it up"

"He has an uncanny ability to believe he is in the spotlight and not the issue.

"I think he's false. He's a have, and he always has been. I honestly think he's one of the most shallow people I've ever come across."[/quote]



RIQ's on the Rugby

Wasn't Rodzilla disappointing?

Where was Rodzilla? 

Where was that amazing backline of stars that the media wanks on about regarding the Australian team?

Did the Australians ever look like beating the All Blacks?

Isn't just wonderful and brings tears of joy to the eyes watching a real scrum in action?

How about that ref, huh?

Will Jerry by cited for pulling on George's dreads? 

Do you reckon Jerry thought it was his jersey?

Doesn't George Greagn just yap way too much?