About that Global Warming thing

Fletch posted here a couple of days ago that it was extremely worrying about ice melt in Antarctica and the Arctic. I naturally said it was complete tosh.

Surprise, surprise what do I read this morning.

The New Zealand Antarctic Institue is extremely worried about resupply of Scott Base. Why?

[quote]An unusual build-up of ice – now seven to eight metres thick – means the icebreakers, which are nearing the end of their lifespan, are having trouble getting through.[/quote]

Oopsy looks like that ice melt thingy was complete bullshit. 

Meanwhile in other news it appears that the Givernment has abandoned all efforts to achieve the silly Kyoto targets. 

Further to rub salt into the supperating wounds of the Global Warming folly, the Climate Science Coalition says that the Government's efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions are pointless . They further add that the greenhouse gas layer is made up of 95 percent water vapour. CO2 emissions make up less than four percent of the layer, of which the man-made contribution is minuscule and climate change by human intervention in reducing CO2 emmission is a fools errand.


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