Ban considered on "fresh" chicken meat

Typical socialists, the only solution to any difficult problem seems to be to ban it.

Of course the issues are complex and raise some rather simple explanations.

First up the chicken probably isn't that "fresh".  I don't know what the timeline is from the slaughterhouse to the supermarket shelf but I bet it isn't hours and quite possibly could be days.

Secondly there must clearly be a hygeine issue in households. Everyone (ok not everyone) knows that chicken and pork are "dodgy" meats and care must be taken in preparation and cooking.

Thirdly could it be that our predilection for cleaning products that are anti-bacterial means that in fact we are "too clean". We simply don't get the little bugs that allow our system to fight the big ones anymore.

I believe that it is acombination of all three, and simply banning the so-called "fresh" meat is simply a knee-jerk reaction. 


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