Exonerated!! my Arse!

So Philip Field reckons he is exonerated, so does Helen Clark and some idiot at the Herald reckons so too.

How so when so many questions remain unanswered? How so when so many of the witnesses were unable to be interviewed?

And what about the "Errors of Judgement" defence? I can just imagine that one in the before the courts.

"Oh, your Honour, I didn't steal that old lady's handbag, bash her and then repeatedly rape her to within an inch of her life, I simply made errors of judgement."

or how about for the Kahui Twins. "Of course, officer,  I did break my sons leg with a pool cue, and when he cried I gave him the bash to shut him up, but I didn't kill him, I simply made an error of judgement, I should have hit him a bit softer"

It is venal, spurious bullshit for Labour to sit there and try to brazen it out.

Other more pertinant opinion.

John Armstrong from the Herald. "it is hard to judge which is worse: the MP's dubious behaviour or Labour's shabby attempts to whitewash it."

Chris Trotter talking with Larry Williams at NewstalkZb.


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