Hasn't the government done well on home ownership?

Well, No, actually.

Since 1999 home ownership rates have fallen dramatically, so fast in fact that plummet might be a better description.

How fast?

In 1999 home ownership rates were 74%, now the figure is 44% with a 14% drop in the last year alone.

I find this astounding that despite a booming economy and increasing employment that home ownership rates have fallen.

Of course one might be considered cynical and pointout that rampant over taxation at national and local levels may perhaps be contributing.

So what is the government solution?

More bloody welfare of course.

Anyway with such a drop it means there are more tenants, and for me with 4 houses that means better choice of tenants. On a purely selfish note, long may home ownership plummet.

In a nationwide perspective iot simply shows that Kiwis are becoming poorer while the government raids our purses and wallets in ever increasing amounts.


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