Herald Columnists cut loose

In the Herald today their political columnists have cut loose, assailing Labour for their poor handling of the El Jefe Affair.

Fran O'Sullivan climbs into Clark and her lame attempts to bat away such egregious behaviour on the part of her MP and John Armstrong adds his condemnation as well.

Both are perplexed as to why El Jefe is even a MP now after such revelations and finally after the damning report. They certainly do not think the report is an exoneration. 

Of course all the MSM are missing the real point. Clark cannot afford to have El Jefe go as he is the key to their astounding ability to get a high turn out in South Auckland. He knows way too much about how Labour did that and Clark will not want that evidence to hit the streets as the damage would be un-repairable.

El Jefe and his Labour flunkies on the Manukau City Council know all about how to "maximise" votes in South Auckland. El Jefe is the key to all of that and his threat would be to spill his guts if sacked as an MP.


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