Hmmm…It has got me thinking.

With the releae of the Treasury report into the costs of crime, it got me thinking, particularly around the "hidden" parts of the report.

Those hidden parts were involving possible solutions to the ever increasing crime wave.

I reckon they are sitting on those reccomendations while Labour runs the proposals through focus groups.

However given Labour's penchant for devolvement of the delivery of everything to the local government level and with their typical socialist notions of control, it doesn't take a rocket scientist long to work out one of the intiatives suggested by treasury will be the creation of City Policing units under the fiance and control of City Councils. Only they won't be Police, they will call them Sheriffs or similar.

Of course this will appeal to the socialists. It creates new levels of bureacracy that they can stack with their cronies, It appears they are doing something about crime. It raises the level of Policing on the streets at almost no cost to the government. It kills the private security industry almost overnight.

That said however, I think the idea could work. I for one would consider the idea eminently workable if it was set up properly and run with defined commercial values. Indeed if done correctly could actually be self funding.

I for one would model my own Sherrifs department on Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County.

Further I would do it right here in South Auckland to prove the point that it could be done. Of course the rest of you in New Zealand wouldn't like that as all the crims would move closer to you.


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