I am thinking of becoming an MP

Seriously folks this has potential.

Previously I wouldn't have got out of bed for a back bench MP's salary, but now with Speaker Wilson virtually giving a carte blanche for anything outside of parliament I reckon there is real potential to make a whole heap of hooter with this lark.

Here is my propsed rate schedule ansd estimates of earnings.

  • Visa representation $1000 and $5000 success fee (target of 7 per week and 2 success means a potential revenue of $884,000)
  • Inland Revenue representation $1000 but with a 10% of savings fee if successful. (Hard to estimate revenue for this one but I would plan for 5 representations a week so that is $260,000, the success fees I can only guess at but lets say another $100,000)
  • Representation to any other Government Department $500 and a success fee of $1000 (estimated to return 5 per week and 1 success so $182,000)

Right, where are we at so far. $884,000+$360,000+$182,000=$1,426,000

Ok thats a good start, I am sure i can dream up some more……oh I know seats on Private Company boards….minimum $25,000 a pop and I would aim for at least 5 with my new found lobbying abilities…so add another $125,000 bring my potential earnings up to $1,551,000.

Now that is not to be sneezed at and well worth the effort. Now to find a suitable electorate.


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