Is Steve Watt a hypocrite?

Thats a good question and I think the answer is yes.

Steve Watt is the principal of Kelston Boys High School. He also laid a complaint with the Broadcasting Standards Authority against National MP Paula Bennett for using a photo of some of his students in some promotional material during the election.

It got me wondering.

Is Steve Watt politically motivated?

I think he is. He always came across as a jealous petty broken arsed teacher jealous of his students and for ever trying to remind us of his past glory on the rugby field.

When he taught me at Auckland Grammar he was a complete bastard. I mean a complete bastard in a "Benson-Pope" kind of way. He used to ask every third form and fourth form accounting class to ask their parents for a copy of their household budget. In my year this little stunt fell completely flat when most parents sent notes telling him to sod off and what was a budget anyway?

He favourite form of punishment was to kick students in the butt. He usually prefaced such a punishment with a lengthy discourse about how when he used to play for Auckland he could kick a rugby ball over the posts from half-way in his gum-boots.

Of course some wag in my class asked if he always played in gum-boots because he couldn't afford rugby boots.

Anyway back to his punishments, often a kick in the arse, and if that form of punishment was unsatisfactory in controlling us little up-starts then he always resorted to the cane. and Steve (t)Watt was always known as a mean caner. That is a silent "t" BTW.

He always struck me as a stupid man, he certainly lumbered around the class and spoke like his brain wasn't fully engaged, but despite all that he was really just another bully.


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