Isn't your life a mess when you can't even kill yourself properly

I have always said that people who commit suicide are cowards.

There are however some people who are bigger cowards and they are the ones who can't even get up the gumption to do it themselves and have to enlist some poor unwitting schmuck into their efforts to kill themselves. They are the true cowards.

One such coward is Ricky James Beckham who was so upset about his missus telling him to take a hike he wandered into a gunshop with a machete so they could kill him.


Further he is such a loser he couldn't even manage to kill himself successfully. Mind you he is really lucky to be alive as he was shot wit a .45ACP. Now they make really big holes in targets and people. I mean really big holes. Half an inch across. Oh and they are pretty successful at putting people down with one shot.


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