It is always the losing side that calls for ceasefires

Labour and Winston First are under attack. The bombs are raining down. So what do they do?

They scuttle off to the Bunker at the Beehive, hunker down and then enlist the tactic that all losers the world over enlist and that is call for a cease-fire.

Helen has called for two cease-fires in a week. The first over Israel's right to defend itself frrom terrorist attacks and the second after Winston dropped the hand grenade in the trench.

Back to the first call for a cease-fire. How in the hell can the UN and their lickspittle Helen Clark expect to call for ceasefire and demand that combatants keep to the rules of war when one side in the battle are a bunch of Islamist thugs and terrorists with no allegiance or offiical recognition of any world body.

That tactic is just the leftist way of making sure Israel is only allowed to fight with both arms tied behind it's back. 

Now back to Winston. The guy is a certifiable drop-kick and should be dispatched forthwith. But Helen doesn't have the bottle that Jenny had.


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