Maharey slayed on Close up

I don't usually watch Close Up, but last night Paul Henry replaced the insipid wench who usually fronts the show.

There was an article on Dyslexia followed by and interview with Maharey .

Well Paul Henry just slayed him. There was blood every where and maharey didn't have an answer.

You see the New Zealand Education boffins reckon Dyslexia is actually a learning behaviour issue rather than anything else. Further Maharey actually denied that Dyslexia even exists, he kept referring to it as a learning behaviour issue.

This is of course in direct contradiction with the rest of the world and in particular the UK, Australia and the USA. In typical socialist fashion Maharey says they are all wrong and he and his professional colleagues and edukayshunalist are right.

Minister you are wrong. Dead wrong. 

Paul Henry to his eternal credit didn't let Maharey off the hook and kept at him till the end. 


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