More NCEA woes

I bet Helen Clark just wishes the end would come.

The bad news in Education is just piling on top of the woes in Health and the Police.

The masses get annoyed when you stuff up their Health system, they get really annoyed when they see cops looking for revenue instead of crooks but they get really, really pissy when you start affecting their kids education.

The latest education cock-up comes as the result of  a HoS investigation that shows that almost a third of pupils have been given the wrong marks and industry insiders are squealing on teachers that are grading lickspittle students up and trying to boost their school's performance. 

[quote]"If I wanted to, I could get my cat through just about any internal unit standard," said Rory Barrett, head of maths at Macleans College[/quote]

Hmmm…I wonder if this is the same Rory Barrett who was adsent from 90% of my Maths classes as my teacher at Auckland Grammar because he more interested in watching sweaty boys lift weights in the weight room? I think it is. Is this the same Rory Barrett that just set pages from the text book as the work for the day, then walked out of the class and only periodically checked to see if we were quiet? I think it is. Is this the same Rory Barrett who didn't really give a tinkers cuss about anyone in his maths class at all even when they needed help? Yep that is the same Rory Barrett. Rory the fat arsed wanker.

Just goes to show the crap actually does rise to the top in education, the cream leaves and gets a real job. 



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