My God, Winstons slanging match is pathetic

Listen to the audio of Winston's melee with the media. He is so much of an embarrassment, the man should be fired.

This audio reminds me of the time when National threw him out of caucus. When MP's were meeting in the Cheif Whips office they were drafting the resolution to toss his sorry arse out of caucus. They were waiting for Bill Birch to approve the wording. When he arrived he gave a little speech about Winston.

It went something like this.

"Look fellas, I can live with his philandering, I can live with his womanizing, I can live with his boozing, I can live with his blashpemy, I can live with his swearing but ther is one thing I cannot live with and that is he tells fucking lies"

That is the god honest truth, i was there when he said it. I have remembered it ever since.


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