RatesWatch hits the front page

Aaron Bhatnagar's RatesWatch website has hit the front page of the Herald today.

The Herald helpfully lists some of the waste that Mayor Hubbard has presided over.

1000 to the Afghan Youth Society, despite a recommendation from officers the application was underdeveloped and should be declined.

  •   A $1500 grant to the Congolese community to make international telephone calls home to candidates standing in elections
  • A $20,000 party to mark the 20th anniversary of homosexual law reform
  • $5 million for penalty payments and cost blowouts from the Queen St tree fiasco.
  • $600,000 invested in a sustainable housing company with no hope of a financial return.
  • $4000 to the Combined Beneficiaries Union to update people on changes to benefits.
  • $2500 to the Foundation of Spiritualist Mediums to seek course accreditation.

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