The man is a fool, sack him

Back when Winston played silly buggers over Wellington Airport he was such a complete cock that Jenny Shipley had little option other than to sack his sorry ass. She sacked him despite the paper thin majority they had at the time and despite the ultimate consequences. She had to because the man is a fool.

Now 7 years on the fool is at it again. But the chances of Helen Clark dealing with the fool in such a decisive way are very remote. In fact they are spinning that his meetings are a success.

Who are you kidding Winston? You serious pissed off a US senator and then had your 1 hour meeting cut back to 30 minutes with Condi and to top it all off you were ignominously bundled out the door with out the traditional after meeting press conference.

The man is a complete arse and should be fired and consigned to history.

The irony of course is that it is Labour and not National that is cuddling up to America. I wonder what Mallard has to say about that huh!


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