There are no quota for tickets – Yeah right

Oh dear despite constant denials Labour kees on getting tripped up over Police quota targets for tickets.

Today in the house we had more evidence of the obfuscation of the Government.

[quote]Simon Power: Does she stand by her previous statements that the police do not have traffic ticket quotas; if so, how does she reconcile them with the memo from Levin police that states that for those officers who did not issue the "required level" of tickets it may "affect their annual pay increments" and that if they did not want to issue tickets they would be busted down to part-time employees and "lose 20 percent of their pay"?

Hon ANNETTE KING: Shock, horror, probe! There is not, and never has been under this Government, a quota for tickets. I cannot-Interruption[/quote]

Of course there was an interruption. That is becasue WE DON"T BELIVE YOU. GOT IT.

We all know it and you can't change it. There are Quota, and the memos will keep on appearing to prove it.

One swallow doesn't make a spring, huh! How about two swallows or is that a mouthful.



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