They don't care

Much will be said about the latest statistics showing Labour's polcies are failing the very poor in New Zealand. Much will also be said about how Maori are over represented in those statistics.

In fact the wailing has started already.

The simple fact remains though is that those people irrespective of the crap that Labour heaps upon their shoulders always vote Labour and thus labour will always treat them with complete contempt.

 Oh on the surface it will be all concern and hand wringing but the simple fact is that that part of the electorate resoundingly returns Labour MP's time and time again.

Until they find their electoral voice labour will continue to dump on them, and will continue to struggle into power. You see there are more poor people than you can actually imagine and that vote is pretty solidly locked in.

National's only hope is to come to some sort of arrangement with the Maori Party and actively assist them. 

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