Viral Video and its electoral impact

RealClearPolitics examines the use of internet technologies to dissemminate the message in previously unheard of ways.

[quote]What does YouTube mean for American politics?  

When slick, or not-so-slick, video advertisements can reach millions of people for only the cost of producing the spot, politics has changed — whether it's for better or worse, or a little or a lot.

The question is, "How?" Does cheap, viral video make it easier for candidates to have unfiltered, not-reduced-to-soundbites discussions with the American voter? Or does it mean that every cough, sputter, and misstep ends up in a million mailboxes as the outrage of the week?[/quote]

It is interesting to see what happens here based on this experience n the US. I suspect that it has the potential to make a mockery of the election spending amounts.


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