When is a blow out not a blow out?

Of course you know the answer to that one. When Labour are the ones blowing out.

I fail to see how else you can describe a $190,000,000 error as anything other than a blowout.

But oh no Labour says that the original figures were a "quesstimate". Oh fucking excellant we now have a government that runs it self on "guesstimates".

Next thing you know they will say that the Kyoto stuff up was based on "guesstimates" as well. 

Christ almighty what sort of imbeciles do we have making large cptial expenditures in government. Any sane buisness spending even a fraction of the cost of these friggin helicopters would have contractually locked in the price and also sought forward exchange cover as well.

It is almost criminal neglect that ignores exchange rate variables in transactions of this size.

Another thing for National to add to the Wastewatch. 


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