August 2006

Nothing wrong with doing a little bit of 'armless driving.

The man at the centre of court action over his driving a vehicle when he has no arms has come to an abrupt end after Police withdrew the charges.

They say he has demonstrated an ability to drive safely and since he has now obtained his learner licence despite have no arms.

Peter defamation case tossed out

Winsotn Peters has had his long standing defamation case against TVNZ andNational MP david Carter tossed out of court.

Peters really runs the risk of being labelled a vexatious litigant. 

National hands bribery evidence to the Police

National has handed over evidence and informant details to the Police. That evidence and informant detail large amounts of money changing hands.

This is getting very, very murky for Labour. 

More poll bad news for Labour

Labour is under the cosh right now and the "beltway" issues are definately "resonating" outside of the beltway.

The latest in a series of Herald polls shows that 81% of respondents believe that thieving politicians should pay it back and pay it back now.

Clearly support from the public for retrospective legislation is almost non-existant. It would be political suicide to even try it now. More importantly the poll also shows that labour voters are no longer inthrall of the Prime Minister and her spin with 75.8% of them also wanting them to pay it back.

One wonders when Winston and Peter will grow a spine and stop supporting such a venal bunch of snakes. One suspects that time cannot be far away. 


Motorcade convictions quashed

The Appeal Court has quashed the driving convictions of the Police Officers convicted after speeding at the Prime ministers behest.

I suggest the Police have another crack at finding the culprit for this highly dangerous and unnecessary spped through the countryside.

I smell a rat

I definately smell a rat.

Yesterday Philip "el Jefe" Field sticks it to the Prime Minister and today all of a sudden the police are now investigating el Jefe.

Labour can play this two ways….one is that the Police will say nothing illegal was done and Labour will then say see I told ya. The other is that "encouraged" by the Prime Miinister the Police will lay charges and Heln can then get rid of him.

I predict the first scenario. Either way the stench of Prime Ministerial meddling with the Police remains.


El jefe on leave, Police investigating

El Jefe is now under Police investigation.

I don't hold much hope in that process, after all he is a Labour Member so the likely result will be "not in the public interest to prosecute".

It doesn't really matter though as he is definately dead, rotten meat now, plus with maggots. 


Maori Monopoly

Thanks to Billsboy for sending this in.

Shame and Scandal

Beyond "the Beltway" it IS resonating

The latest Hearld-Digipoll has dealt a blow to Labour's delusions that El Jefe and theft do not resonate beyond the "beltway".

Well, Prime Minister it does and the more you support corruption , the more you obfuscate over theft of taxpayer money the more you will take the hit.