Boobs on Bikes – massive turnout

Boobs on Bikes has turned out to be a major embarrasment for Mayor Dick Hubbard.

Literally thousands were there. Whaleoil attended to bring you these photos.

I have also created an Album for your viewing pleasure.



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  • Trevor Johnson

    It's great to see people lightening up.  There's nothing wrong with the human body, we all have one.  If someone is proud of their form and it pleases them and others to enjoy it, why not?!  Sex maybe new to a few who live in denial but has, in fact, been around long before our ancestors even walked on all fours.  The constitution was not written to protect only language and displays that are acceptable and don't need protecting.  This is harmless and a good reality check to see if speech protections are real or imagined… are worth the paper they are written on.  Sex may bother some people but violence bothers me however I would not stop you from going to the average movie!