Dear Mr Hubbard

Dear Mr Hubbard, 

Thanks for your full page advertisement in the NZ Herald, explaining the reasons for your massive rates hike. What an irony that the photo of yourself and the city of Auckland looks dark and gloomy, with grayscale bleed in the photos. What an apt metaphor for how Auckland feels about you.

Dick, anyone can come up with big spending ideas. That's not vision at all. Anyone could tell you from the old saying "what's the big idea?" that people are suspicious of individuals who think they know best. What would have been visionary is how you proposed to achieve these ideas. All you have done is tax and spend. You can try and dress up your vision anyway you like, but you have caused significant financial hardship to the elderly, those on fixed incomes, and those with mortgages.

You point out the Sydney Opera House as an example of how a visionary city can get things right. A visionary Mayor, one that has read their history and done some research – even a quick google search – would know that Sydney didn't pay for their beloved Opera House by dramatically raising rates. They used lotteries.

Your Labour party mates brought in the power of general competency in the Local Government Act of 2002. That means you don't have to raise rates, you have other visionary means to raise money. Like hotel bed taxes, uniform charges, increased user pays, development charge increases and borrowing for infrastructure.

But you won't. You're not a visionary. You've spend the better part of two decades mouthing trendy cliches and joining fad organisations to look socially cool and visionary. But in the end, you're just another big spending lefty with pompous aspirations, out of touch from the realities of ordinary Aucklanders. Please just limit yourself to ribbon cutting for the remainder of your term so you do as little damage as possible before you get voted out.

Yours sincerely



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