Dunne corrupted as well

Peter Dunne has broken his silence and crawled into the bed of the corrupt.

He has roundly crioticised independent legal authorities over the election spending rort investigation. He has also trotted out the government spin that although the actions might have been unlawful it waas common practice.

Imagine private citizens trying that one on with for example;

Police: It might be the law that the speed limit is 100km/h but it is "common practice" to do 120km/h, so put your little ticket book away and move on.

IRD: It might be the law to pay GST on all goods and services but These were all cash job Mr Inspector and it is "common practice" to not pay any tax on those, so on ya bike.

OSH: I know it is the law for Personal Protection Equipment to be issued but dammit it is common practice for the boys to not wear their helmets. So as you can see inspector that is why that bloke has the insides of his head on the the outside., but hey "Common practice" and ll that. 

Why is it that laws apply to everyone but politicians? 


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