Get out!….Ingrate

Harmeet Sooden should have his visa wihdrawn forthwith and placed on the next plane back to fricken Canada.

Fricken ingrate. Get out, we don't want you here. 

Oh yeah and while you are at it get a haircut and get a real job…loser. 


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  • AnonAwesome

    Dear Mr. Helmet,


    I find your previous comments quite amusing.

    For starters, how do you come the conclusion that i am a "self-important lefty moron", "theiving, lying, corrupt bleeding heart sucker lefty asshole", "lefty labour apologist", and a "spineless moron" based on some loose commenting on this (terribly aesthetically awful and insanely slow) web site? 

     I'd even go so far as to venture that you are exactly what you described me to be, self important, definitely a moron considering the amount of times you've called me a "lefty", clearly ran out of things to say. How am i a thief when you're the ones pissing on about tax cuts? I certainly don't have a criminal record to speak of. Maybe you do?

     You go on to criticise me for lacking intelligence and being a brainwashed sheep, when you have made a clear and basic fault in your logic and reasoning (as expressed above). That then presents the hypothesis that you in fact are the brainwashed and unintelligent one. One could certainly ascertain such a conclusion from the reaction you have given full of insult and argument ad hominem.

    One day, i do hope you'll grow up and realise the world is not all about you.


     Lots of love,


    Great Uncle AnonAwesome.


    PS If it's ok for you to criticise the government in every aspect, why is not ok for Harmeet Sudan to criticise the government on it foreign policy, which, by and large, stays fairly static from government to government? I'm sure if he was making criticisms on the scale that you and your love buddies on this site do, then there is certainly more reason to be angry. However he's simply talking about New Zealand foreign policy being akin to all the other countries who bent over for America's war on terror so as not to make them look bad on the global scale, and he's perfectly free to do so. In fact, he's perfectly free to say what he likes, thanks to a right that you're using right now, Freedom of Speech. Or do people who have darker skin that pure, lovely, european new zealanders not qualify for such a right?

  • Whaleoil

    Listen here fucktard,

    The fact that you use Internet Explorer speaks volumes for your intelligence.

    Do you really think I care what you think, or Sooden. The guy is a fricken bludger off of NZ so in my book he doesn't get a say especially when we went out of our way to try to rescue his sorry ass.

    My comments stand. 

  • Spanishbride

    Hmmmm I am an Ex Highschool English teacher but on the internet I am relaxed enough to type fast and not worry abour spelling mistakes.

    The impression I get of Mr WhaleOil is someone passionate about politics who enjoys his democratic right to swear and be rude.

    He openly admits it is all about him as this website is indeed his baby.
    I think he is brutally honest and quite frankly even though I may disguise it with politeness I am all about me too.

    Mr AnonAwesome strikes me as an academic who gets off on his turn of phrase and spelling. I worked with people like you and always felt that despite their socialist views they all secretly thought they were so much better than the rest of us mere mortals because they were ' clever '

    ( feel free to proof read my writing because I really don't give a shit LOL)
  • Anonawesome

    I don't use IE you munter. Get some blog software that works properly.


  • Whaleoil

    You might not be using IE but having changed to Firefox is only a slight improvement when your ISP is Xtra and you use WinXP.

    You are clearly an academic pedant with little else to do other than complain about my site, the software I use, the design and  the speed it loads at.

    What eva! 

  • AnonAwesome

    Hey buddy, how do you know i'm not running a dedicated linux firewall with squid modifying my http headers? I can make it say whatever i want. Nice try.

  • AnonAwesome

    Oh and do you mind explaining how Harmeet Soodan bludges off New Zealand? Considering it was the canadian government who was doing the bulk of the work to repatriate him…


    Or are we letting racial prejudices cloud our views…