Hubbards Hypocrisy

Deputy Mayor Dick Hubbard is increasingly keen to clamp down on Boobs on Bikes in the future by creating bylaws to stop such activities.

I wonder if Hubbard will be as keen to end the Hero Festival with council bylaws.

After all I am more keen on seeing titties down Queen Street that poofs, leso's and queens prancing in parks.

And before you all call me homophobic, I am far from it. I just want some consistancy in Hubbards stance.

Hubbard is also revealed as a typical controlling socialist in wanting to curtail freedom of speech after Steve Crow pasted some cartoons of the Mayor with a magnifying glass.

[quote]"No egotistical, self-promoting porn king bad-mouths this Mayor of Auckland"[/quote]

Quite right Dick you do a bang up job all by yourself. 


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