Jordan throws a sook, dummy spat out

Jordan Carter, erstwhile Labour lickspittle has thrown a tanty and as a result copped a flogging for his efforts.

So what has thrown Jordan into such a froth?

Well, Don Brash had the audacity to call The Government of the Peoples Republic of Clarkistan the most corrupt government in NZ's history.

Of course Jordan trots off down the approved party spin line that they didn't break any rules, despite the police, the Auditor-General, the head of the electoral Commission and the Chief Electoral Officer finding otherwise.

[quote]OK, Jordan. It's really becoming a wee bit desperate seeing how how "confused" everyone else is – the Auditor-General, the former Solicitor-General who was appointed a Judge of the High Court and Court of Appeals less than three months ago, the head of the Electoral Commission, the Chief Electoral Officer. Either we have some very senior civil servants who are grossly imconpetent and should be put out on 'gardening leave' immediately, or someone is spinning far too hard.

By the way, if Labour is 'serious' about campaign finance reform I look forward to a bill being rushed to the top of the order paper at least as quickly as the bill that retrospectively rewrote the Electoral Act to save Harry Duynhoeven's arse. That one was drafted in a week, and passed in three days under extreme urgency.

Posted by: Craig Ranapia | Wednesday, 09 August 2006 at 07:03 PM [/quote]

Jordan neglects to observe that Don Brash isn't just talking about the blatant thievery of the Clark Government he is also talking about David Benson-Pope, Philip "El Jefe" Field, Paintergate, Doonegate, Speedgate, Whangamata Marina….the list is quite extensive and goes on and on.

Jordan also lets the cat out of tha bag that Labour has almost no money of its own to campaign with. he reckons that the unions spending was included in Labours return. Sounds far-fetch I know but if true then Labour can't have spent much if any of its own money on the campaign. They knicked $448,000 and used the Unions to fund the rest, nicked of course off of the backs of the workers.

Of course Jordan extensive hand-wringing and wailing would be believable if he had made even one comment about El Jefe, ever. But of course he hasn't. Nope, nothing at all, yet he constantly posts along the lines of "bag Don". Hey heads up Jordy, that plan has been tried by beeter exponents than you and your Labour suck-farts and didn't work for them. The old Bush Brash lied, people died, chimp, dumb stupid thing is getting old. If you can't come up with something better than that just FRO.




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