Labour have their own cult supporters

Labour has consistently bagged and maligned a little understood Christian denomination calling them such things as the Taliban of New Zealand and a weird cult.

Well it turns out that Labour has it's own cult as supporters and this bunch of weirdo's really is a cult. Peter Tapsell is their Patron and Labour MP's advisor Husaini Ambawala was a member. I say was because as soon as his membership was questioned he has resigned. Husaini Ambawala is employed by none other than Ashraf Choudary.

I am of course referring to the Moonies, whose founder and head whacko is currently incarcerated in the US for fraud.

Now there are some important questions to be raised here.

  1. How much money has Labour recieved from the Moonies since 1999?
  2. What policy considerations did the Moonies request in return for that money?
  3. What asssistance did the Moonies provide Labour in producing their electioneering material and the distribution of same?
  4. How many meetings have the Moonies had with key members of the Government? and Why were they kept secret?

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