Labour is broke

Labour is broke, that is why all their lickspittles are banging on in the blogosphere about "democracy funding".

This of course is typical tactics for them. Obfuscate and muddy to draw attention away from the blindly obvios fact that Labour are broke, they have next to no members and have to rob and pillage not only the public purse but also the purse of hard working Kiwis through their unions.

If you don't believe me check out Septembers investigate Magazine for yourself. It is clear from the article that labour's grubby little paw prints are all over the union movement but in particular Darien Fenton and the sisterhood.

But back to the main point. Labour are broke.

How do I know? 

Well several reasons actually. the most obvious being their ongoing plundering of the public purse for their own ends. The plundering of union coffers and some history that I happen to know about.

Labour have been struggling for years with money, as far back as 1998-1999 when Mike Williams approached National with a cozy little deal on the state funding of political parties. The meetings were very secret and very quiet, the proposals as put by Mike Williams at the time wholly outrageous. National at the time resoundingly rejected this approach and still does. However it goes to show that Labour have been percolating this idea for some time, and further faced with rejection of their overtures set about rorting the taxpayer substantially over the years in a venal attempt to fund their party organisation and electioneering that has thus far proved successful.

Labour of course think those of us outside the "beltway" don't care and it isn't resonanting but let me assure them that it indeed is. I was in a bookshop in Howick today and the ladies behind the counter and several customers were commenting on the pledge cards and how terrible and corrupt our government has become.

Not since the days of Robert Muldoon has their been so much chatter outside the "beltway". 

Labour is morally bankrupt and close to being financially bankrupt, if they don't cling on and retain the treasury benches they very well may be gone as a political force in NZ Politics, as you may be sure that National will institute a full Commission of Inquiry into Corrupt Practice.similar to the Fitzgerald Inquiry in Queensland after outrageous behaviours of several government but topped by the utter corruption of the Bjelke-Peterson government.

There is plenty more issues to crawl out of the woodwork yet. Slowly but surely it is crippling the government. A kind of death by a thousand cuts.


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  • Fletch

    I read that article in Investigate, too.
    It disgusted me on how corrupt these people are, but that’s Labour for you.

  • Whaleoil

    Labour have always cheated from even before Onehunga when they were fair and square caught with their pants down.

    My bet is that Field was running the South Auckland version of "Onehunga" and that is why he is staying in…he simply knows too much.

    The rorting is just usual for socialists bereft of any ideas of their own on how to generate wealth they always resort to stealing.

    The last thing I want is for my hard earned cash to go to them under the guise of "democracy funding".