Labour splits becoming obvious

Splits are starting to widen in the Labour camp. Not all members are singing from the same songsheet and far from "not resonating" beyond the beltway it actually is.

Some people I know who do not "do" politics are actually now talking about how venal and corrupt our government has become.

Again this reminds me of the end of Muldoon. The parallels are simply amazing.

Fran O'Sullivan has become very cutting as well, perhaps even suggesting the Governor-General become involved. That could happen both ways, he could step in and dissolve parliament as it clearly constituted under false pretences or simply block "validating" legislation.

[quote] I'm waiting for the day that Transparency International adds New Zealand to the list of Pacific Island democracies that act like they are Banana Republics.[/quote]

Ouch, that's cutting.


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