Media should follow the rules huh!

Ross Robertson the soon to be replaced MP for Manuakau East and Michael Cullen reckon TV3 should have followed the rules and not shown puerile bovver boy Ron Mark for what he really is.

I reckon they are wrong. It is not TV3 that has shown parliament to be dispetuably it is the actions of governemnt memebers and their associated poodle parties that have brought parliament into disrepute. Have they even for a nano-second considered that it is the rules that are wrong not TV3?

I believe that the cameras should be given free reign. Then maybe, just maybe Members would behave with some modicum of decorum.

The solution for parliament to take broadcasting in house is frankly immoral. We need more controls over parliament not less. By allowing MP's to control themselves we have allowed them to become out of control.

The buck must certainly stop at the top and Speaker Wilson is quite frankly the worst speaker ever. She must stand down or be made to stand down and if it requires members opposite to defy the speaker then so be it. 


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