More Reuters fauxtography

It seems al-Reuters and the rest of the apologist media can't get enough of faking images.

First up they faked smoke then they said an ambulance had been hit by an Israeli Missile despite being almost completely intact and now they allege one of their own vehicles has been hit.

Right, good one al-Reuters, are we all to assume that Israeli missiles don't go bang. If that vehicle was hit by a missile I'll eat my hat unless of course a large rock constitutes a missile.

Missiles leave smoking debris and sod all vehicle.

In other words it is somplete bullshit that the al-Reuters vehicle was hit by an Israeli missile.

Also in the top picture that looks suspiciously like rust on the metal, again highly improbable that the rust just magically appeared overnight.

I wonder too, How did that missile not blow out the windows right under the supposed impact point? In fact how did any of the windows stay intact at all. the kinetic energy alone of a missile impact would shatter even the toughest glass.

And where is the fire damage, huh!

No-where to be seen, thats where.

Come Al-Reuters you can do better than this.


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