Our Time to Honour is Due

On the 16th of August at 10:30pm on the History Channel is the worldwide premier of the Battle of Long Tan.

This has been made to commeorate the 40th Anniversary of the Battle.

My mate Echo was there and was interviewed by the producers of the documentary for his details.

Every ANZAC Day I write a tribute to Echo and his contribution, bravery and fortitude. I beleive every word I write about him and other brave Kiwi's and Aussies that gave so much so that we may be free.

Please watch this show and learn a if only a little what war in a jungle far away was for these men over 40 years ago. Understand how they felt when they returned and were never honoured.

Some key facts:

Date:August 18, 1966 – August 19, 1966

Location:Long Tan, Vietnam

Result:Decisive Australian victory

Combatants:Australia,New Zealand, United States v. North Vietnam


  • Australia:108 (not including supporting personnel/reinforcements)
  • NVA 2,500


  • Australia 18 dead, 24 wounded
  • NVA At least 245 dead, 750 wounded (Captured documents and prisoner interrogations suggest there were 500-800 dead and around 1,000 wounded)

Artillery at Nui Dat fired almost non-stop for 5 hours in support of the battle

  • Regimental Fire Missions (involving all 18 Australian & NZ artillery guns firing at once and at some stages all six of the US guns as well) had not been fired since the Korean war and will probably never be fired again
  • Lightning twice hit the artillery positions
  • Two artillery gunners passed out from cordite fumes from the guns as the fumes could not disperse due to the weather

Weapons and ammunition

  • Approximately 800,000 rounds of ammunition were fired by both sides
  • The artillery at Nui Dat fired in excess of 3,500 rounds
  • More than 20 rounds of enemy mortar rounds were dropped on or near D Coy units during the battle
  • The Australians captured more than - 60 enemy weapons 10,500+ rounds of ammunition 300+ hand grenades 100+ rounds of rockets and mortars



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