August 2006

Labour takes a hit in the latest Herald poll

The Herald has taken the unusual step of offering a preview to its latest poll due out tomorrow.

The headline is telling. "National surge ahead".

It seems the constant sleaze and corruption is actually "resonating" with the electorate.



Yippee kay ay!!! Field is staying…for now

El Jefe reckons he hasn't done anything wrong and will stay on as MP for Mangere.

His load of bollocks press release is here for your enjoyment. 

Labour is definately fucked now…it will be death by a thousand cuts day in and day out until the whole sorry corrupt nest of thieving, conniving vipers are burnt out of their hole.


Union Bully boys step into El Jefe affair

Things are bad in Labour when the Unions are saying they will block a selection.

Now those of you not well educated with politics will probably ask how the Unions can do such a thing?

Well it is simple because they can, and the fact that ultimately they control Labour. Clearly the Unions own feeling is that the El jefe affair is resonating quite strongly amongst their support base.


Have you seen this guy?

 The owner of an adult lifestyles store (sex shop) is fed up with shoplifters and he has decided to "out" the theives so to speak.

So being the public minded individual I am have you seen these guys. They seem to have a penchant for penis pumps, so they probably go by nick name of Tiny O'Toole.




Perhaps Margaret Wilson should actually follow the prayer

I object most strenuously to having atheists ruling our country.

How do I know they are atheists, well because Helen Clark doesn't even know that Seventh Day Adventists are in New Zealand and proved that by asking dumb questions of one and ignoring the fact that ADRA is one of the largest development and relief agencies in NZ in receipt of government funding and for her unending attacks on the Exclusive Brethren for having the temerity to put their money where their beliefs lie.

Further evidence is the intoning of the Parliamentary Prayer each day by Margaret Wilson without ever honouring the intent of the prayer.

[quote]Almighty God, humbly acknowledging our need for Thy guidance in all things, and laying aside all private and personal interests, we beseech Thee to grant that we may conduct the affairs of this House and of our country to the glory of Thy holy name, the maintenance of true religion and justice, the honour of the Queen, and the public welfare, peace, and tranquillity of New Zealand, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.[/quote]

Powerful words, how about the Speaker starts by upholding them and holding our government and our atheist Prime Minister to account. For someone who went to a cCatholic School she should know better.

Death by a thousand cuts continues

On the one hand it is great to see Labour copping it on two fronts, but on the other the bloody smell is starting to get sickening.

Labour have painted themselves into two corners now and the wonderful thing about both issues is that they used their own paint and their own brush.

They must now suffer the electoral consequences.

Philip El Jefe Field is a goner it is just a matter of time. National will continue the slow drip feed of information irevocably tainting him. Labour will continue to focus group this but their focus groups are wrong on this and on the pledge cards.

They will only act when the focus groups start to show it is hurting, but by that time it will be too late.

The cacophany of calls for El Jefe's head mount. 

It is beautiful to watch the government that was going to rid us of "tory sleaze" go down in the very muck they said they would rise above.


It isn't peak oil….

Why is oil so expensive?

Peak oil I hear you say. And you would be wrong, dead wrong.

Check out this sequence of photos from Dubai.

Photo 1 – Construction

Photo 2 – All finished. Notice the palm trees outside……….

Remember, this is in the middle of the desert…. The very HOT desert where temperatures average 35 degrees in the summer…..Unbelievable! But true…..

Photo 3, 4 and 5: Inside

We wonder why petrol is $1.70 a litre for unleaded?

Wonder no more.

So they can ski in the F#*@ING desert!!!

Bring it on

The Mayoral battle we all want to see.

Steve Crow vs. Dick Hubbard.

The money line is;

[quote]He thinks Dick Hubbard has failed to get abreast of the real issues. He says traffic and graffiti are two major problems in the city which need to be cleaned up.[/quote]

I wonder if one of his promises will be for Boobs on Bikes to be held monthly.

The only Left Blog with integrity is?

No Right Turn is the only Left Blog with any integrity. Other have lost all vestiges of the same and have become nothing more than party apologist sites.

Now I don't agree with their politics and they sure as hell don't agree with mine but at least No Right Turn is commenting on "the extra pile of wriggling maggots from Taito Phillip Field's rotting political corpse" and added a reasoned debate on the Pledge card rort.

The latest article however is right on the the money so to speak. I concur absolutely.

Labour and Margaret Wilson and Helen Clark in particular have done more damage to our democracy that the combined efforts of Muldoon and every other shonly politician to grace the Houses of parliament.

Oh that Jordan and Tony would ferret around and find some back bone.


More Reuters fauxtography

It seems al-Reuters and the rest of the apologist media can't get enough of faking images.

First up they faked smoke then they said an ambulance had been hit by an Israeli Missile despite being almost completely intact and now they allege one of their own vehicles has been hit.

Right, good one al-Reuters, are we all to assume that Israeli missiles don't go bang. If that vehicle was hit by a missile I'll eat my hat unless of course a large rock constitutes a missile.

Missiles leave smoking debris and sod all vehicle.

In other words it is somplete bullshit that the al-Reuters vehicle was hit by an Israeli missile.

Also in the top picture that looks suspiciously like rust on the metal, again highly improbable that the rust just magically appeared overnight.

I wonder too, How did that missile not blow out the windows right under the supposed impact point? In fact how did any of the windows stay intact at all. the kinetic energy alone of a missile impact would shatter even the toughest glass.

And where is the fire damage, huh!

No-where to be seen, thats where.

Come Al-Reuters you can do better than this.