Ron Mark and his unparliamentary behaviour

hat tip Sir Humphreys.

Ron Mark has been having a little cat fight with Tau Henare over recent months. It has however got out of hand.

Mark was snapped by TV3 flipping the bird at Tau Henare during a particularly acrimonious question time.

He had this to say regarding his "hand signals"

[quote] I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. When I pass friendly waves to an old friend and colleague Tau Henare, the problem is that I was not even a member of the House at the time the Upham was purchased. Mr Henare knows that full well.[/quote]

I wonder if the Speaker would consider this unparliamentary behaviour.

Oh! Of course not, he is from the poodle party. She threw out Tau henare instead for his reaction to the "friendly wave".


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