The Lefty Lexicon

Thanks to Gman for drawing my attention the Lefty Lexicon.

 My favourites are:

Beacon of excellence – archaism: any organ of state that achieved – or 'delivered' – what it was supposed to.

Disproportionate – foreign affairs: Describes any act by USA or Israel.

Hate-crime – same as 'normal' crime as far as victims are concerned – but much more distressing for Lefties.  

Intolerance – Intolerance can only committed against certain defined groups of people. These do not include, Americans, the middle class, white manual workers, rural people,  business and Christians obviously.

Israel – see 'disproportionate' and 'legitimate grievances'. Country the size of Wales, with 5m inhabitants, that is entirely responsible for any and all delinquent Islamist behaviour the world over.

Justice – Government: as in ‘social justice’. Means taking money earned by the general public to give to particular groups that Lefties approve of. Replaces market economics.

Progressive – describes ideas generally thought up around 40 years ago – that still don't work.

Racist – means "shut up!" – and is much, much worse than being violent, thoughtless or unkind. In fact, easily the worst crime ever conceived of.

Religion –

  • Christianity: irrational, dangerous belief that material things may not be the principal motive behind human behaviour.
  • Judaism: most Israelis are Jewish, so probably 'intolerant'.
  • Islam: always needs to be 'understood'.

Skills-based – education: "teach the little ba**ards Microsoft Word or something. They don't actually need to know anything…".

Workers – notional ‘class’ of people that Lefties once claimed to represent. Now replaced by college lecturers, human rights lawyers, pressure group employees, civil servants with 'liaise' in their job title – and other people you would probably not want over for supper.


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