Things are getting testy in the Labour ranks

Things are getting testy in the Labour ranks and it is starting to show. Dear Leader has obviously tried to organise the Lefty lickspittle blogs to caterwaul on about introducing Public Funding of political parties and when they get soundly roasted for ignoring their theft and corruption they resort to personal slurs.

No most of these personal slurs are about Brash but Tony Milne has gone a step too far and maligned Tony Ryall and Lockwood Smith.

[quote]Please. You guys like to play on this 'hones (sic) guy' image, but it's about as honest as Tony Ryall and Lockwood Smith's closet shelves and just as flimsy.[/quote]

There is nothing pleasant about the Labour Party any more and in particular the catty little queer clique of the party.

Who cares if those guys are gay?, I certainly don't. What I care about is having the facts debated not the personal shit slinging that Mallard, Clark, Cullen, Jordan and Tony seem to enjoy.

UPDATE: Aaron Bhatnagar puts the boot in.

[quote]Ok. That's a pretty sly dig at the sexuality of National MPs. I'm surprised that you of all people Tony would want to go down that path given that you are openly gay.

Do forgive me if I am barking up the wrong tree. But for what it's worth, I'm sure some people also wonder about how flimsy the shelves are in Helen Clark's closet too.[/quote]



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