Who said women can't pee standing up?

Hat tip: Spanishbride

If they did they would be wrong.

A new product has hit the shelves. It is called the Shewee.

According to the marketing blurb;

[quote]Shewee doesn't just offer equality with men, but is a real and revolutionary device which will change women's lives.

Designed with women of all ages and occupations in mind, the compact Shewee will soon be as much of a handbag essential as your lipstick!

Whether you choose to use Shewee to avoid sitting on less than desirable public toilet seats, or if your job or favourite hobby makes going to the toilet in the usual squatting stance difficult, Shewee is a brilliant solution.

So many women can benefit from using Shewee – see how it can help you >>[/quote]

And to show that it is indeed real you can get the same product on Trademe.



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