You know you are losing the argument when….

The Labour lickspittles tag team attack Don Brash.

Jordan has lashed out and again has the temerity to call Don Brash a liar and now Tony Milne has added his shrill screeching to the  blogosphere.

Labour must be taking advice from teh Dodgy Dems in the US as they are using the standard Brash Lied and Brash is a monkey lines.

Truly tragic when these two blouses keep on justifying the mnost corrupt government in history. 

BTW Jordan and Tony, trying to block my IP was only a temporary inconvenience. Funny how you both blocked me and then I change locations and voila the sites can be accessed again.


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  • AnonAwesome

    Oh god, those typical socialists, raping our children and robbing our grandparents! Jesus god, good thing we have sensible, loving, caring right wing fascists to save us from the evil red plight!!!


    Quick! Grab your pitchfork, it's time to lynch some dirty maoris!!!! 

  • Spanishbride

    What have Maoris got to do with anything? This is a philosophical debate not a racist one.

    Typical of a Socialist to try to use the race card.

    Capitalists tend to be conservative and to value the family and marriage and children having TWO loving parents who live in the SAME home.

    Which by the way is NOT the same thing as being intolerant of those who have different lifestyles!

    I would be a loving SOLO Mum but I chose my husband very carefully ( dated him for 5 years) and work very hard on my marriage because I value the role a father plays in the upbringing of our children.

    I would not be a bad person if I was a Solo Mum but I am sure as hell that my son in particular would suffer as indeed he did when my husband was overseas for 4 months one time.

    YAY conservative values. Value life ( unborn children) value love and commitment ( marriage)Value family.

    Being conservative I defend your right to be socialist but strangely Socialists do not defend my right to be conservative…I wonder why?
  • AnonAwesome

    I'll tell you what it has to do – the racist policies of the centre right party you all wank over so much. 


    If you want to talk about bullshit stereotyping of typical this and typical that, how about "typical conservative right to say that the liberal left don't allow them to be conservative and right wing". What a bag of festering shit. The liberal left attack the right because they work to oppress just about anything that isn't mainstream – there's a term for it, it's call the tyranny of the majority.


    Are you saying that people who lean to the left lack morals and have complete disregard for the family? I sincerely hope not, because that would make you look even more stupid… 

  • Cardinal Walsingham

    Spirit of 76's first sentence was the perfect summation. Even Jordan admitted he kept silent over the Field sleaze because anything he might say would be used against his party; i.e. not even he could defend it, so he kept silent. That sums the guy up, right there.

    Still, it's always entertaining to see how Jordan will try to spin even the most heinous acts in a pro-Labour light. If Clark were to gun-down the Nat caucus, he'd probably cheer it as "firm leadership" [and anyway, "the Exclusive Brethren did worse…"]

  • Spanishbride

    Yawn….quoting Anoawesome 

    'Are you saying that people who lean to the left lack morals and have complete disregard for the family? I sincerely hope not, because that would make you look even more stupid… '

    aaah ummm now you are picking arguments out of thin air or should I use your gutter language and say you are pulling argements out of your arse?

    If you are going to attack what I said please do so. I am still WAITING however as you seem fond of attacking STRAW MEN which means…stewpid that you make up the stuff you are railing against yourself! rather than addressing what I have actually said.

    MORALS were NOT mentioned and just because I say one side ACTIVELY supports the family that does not mean that I am therefore saying that the otherside ACTIVELY opposes the family.

    Man, I was the leader of many a winning debate team and as a teacher trained debate teams. You are a sorry example of someone who argues with himself instead of his opponent.

    Logical rational attacks on my prose and the prose of others PLEASE…. LOL
  • AnonAwesome

    Excuse me for trying to make sense of your post. You started prattling on about family values wah wah wah after seguing from an attack on "socialism". By placing your familial rant right after, you're implying that the darling right loves the family and the evil left hates it (if we want to talk logic, supressed premise maybe?).

     Whenever someone talks about family as a criticism of something, it's always an appeal to morals, i just took the liberty of making the step you took a bit more public.

  • Whaleoil

    You're excused, unset the table and wash your hands and get ready for bed.

  • AnonAwesome

    You're excused from all funny duties from now on, becuase you show a clear inability to perform in the field.