Clark has lost the plot

Labour and Clark have lost the plot.

Yesterday Clark continued her attacks on the Exclusive Brethren and announced in a fit of pique that they were going to change the law to stop peoples democratic right to free speech.

Thats right Labour is proposing to stop people spending their own money to say what they want.

As she said "We are at a turning point in New Zealand politics", damn straight we are. Corruption is rampant, arrogance is unmitigated. The stench emanating from the rancid corpse of her government is overpowering. Certainly the death knell for her government will be the retrospective legislation to make legal what was once illegal.

Instead of going down in history as the first woman  to successfully win three terms as Prime Minister and creating some history for Labour she will go down in history as more venal and nasty than Sir Robert Muldoon.

To add insult to injury the mad bitch also reckons the world is less safe after Iraq ….what would she have done? let Saddam continue on his murderous way? Probably. 


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