Commentators hoe into Labour

Labour is really copping it in the press at the moment.

John Armstrong:

"The measure of how badly Labour has handled the Phillip Field saga can be judged from the party's obvious relief that the police are investigating the disgraced MP.

The prospect of a police probe into an MP's activities would normally induce a reaction from colleagues akin to Dracula sighting a crucifix."

Fran O'Sullivan:

"Helen Clark's long reign as New Zealand's Teflon Prime Minister is over. With a leader who resorted to Nixonian tactics to push Police Commissioner Peter Doone out of office six years ago, it must be galling for him to watch a successor open the criminal investigation that Clark had repeatedly emphasised was not warranted into Taito Phillip Field's actions.

It's not the timing that will give the Prime Minister any grief. Cynics are right to say that Commissioner Howard Broad's announcement on Thursday could not have come at a more convenient time for her."

Vernon Small:

"From the outside, Phillip Field looks for all the world like a lame duck MP who has lost the confidence of his leader, his party and a fair chunk of the public; even of his core Pasifika constituency.

Yet inside Mr Field's head lives a proud man who believes he has done nothing wrong and seems to be, by turns, angry, besieged and full of plans for retribution against those he believes have wronged or defamed him. So for now it is no-go Taito."


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