Lets put some facts on the table, shall we?

Helen Clark has accused National of trading policy for money to fund their election campaign. Her lickspittles Tony Milne and Jordan Carter also accuse National of using anonymous funding.

So what are the facts. Well a quick review of the Party Donation returns for 2005 so some startling revelations.


Anonymous $25,000.00, Anonymous $50,000.00, Anonymous $40,000.00, Anonymous $40,000.00, Anonymous $20,000.00, Anonymous $50,000.00, Anonymous $20,000.00, Anonymous $70,000.00

Total Anonymous: $275,000


Anonymous: $0

That is right, National had no anonymous donations, all of their donations were from named parties.

What is also interesting to note is that Labour only party to receive donations from overseas donors.

Yes, yes I know National uses Trusts for its donations, but they are still not anonymous, the donation to the national party is from the trust. It would be almost impossible for legislation to be written make donations from Trusts illegal, the next step would be to have limited liability companies set up to recieve donations and that company then donates, and you can't stop that happening in law.


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