Lets talk about distractions

Labour is busily spinning and distracting so lets talk breifly about the distractions they have perpetrated to obscure the real issue which is the ongoing corruption of the Labour party. 

Distraction 1 – The Exclusive Brethren: The Exclusive Brethren have broken no laws and were merely exercising their democratic right to free speech. The fact they actually checked the rules first is admirable, a lesson Labour would do well to emulate.

Distraction 2 – Trust funds: again nothing illegal here, in fact given the vitriol emanating from Labour it would be extremely wise topass any donation to national through such a fund. Again this is people exercising their legal and democratic right of freedom of asssociation.

Distraction 3 – The waterfront stadium: This distraction was perpetrated by Trevor Mallard. Enough said. No actually there is more to this than meets the eye. A great deal of the surrounding residences around Eden Park and associated suburbs lie within the boundaries of the electorate of one Helen Elizabeth Clark. One imagines that she doesn't want too much distruption to her precious residents and some of them have perhaps given her a little earful. Also be midful that she opposed the completion of Aucklands Motorway network as part of it went through her electorate. The saatement "over her dead body" was used. Ahhh wishful thinking.

Distraction 4 – Don Brash: Again this emanated from Trevor "I can't tell the truth" Mallard and David Benson-Pope. DBP especially should be mindful of not wanting his sexual past raised in places like blogs and the press…..hey David. This is nothing but a distraction, no one cares if Don at 65 can still pull chicks.

Now, the real issue: Labour are thieving lying scumbags who have rorted, forged, lied, obfuscated and stolen their way to power. The truth must out. To quote a certain MP the boil must be lanced.

Pay it Back.


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