Letterman mocks Clark

Helen Clark and her feral-ness are now jokes for Americans . Letterman welcomed onto the show someone he said was "the Prime Minister of New Zealand", whom he claimed was in New York for the UN General Assembly.

– however, instead of Helen Clark turning up, it was a leggy blonde woman.

He then used his regular Top 10 slot to ask the question "how do you know if your husband is gay".

To save you clicking the link here they are;


10. You come home to find him handling the gardener's hose

9. On your wedding day, you wore the same dress

8. Favorite magazines: "Gourmet" and "Honcho"

7. Your name: Jodi — name he calls out during sex: Lou

6. Constantly leaving that seat down, am I right girls?

5. Bumper sticker reads: "I'd rather be having sex with dudes"

4. During "Brokeback Mountain," He mumbles, "It didn't happen exactly like that"

3. At your sister's wedding reception, he caught the bouquet

2. Yells, "Honey, I'm home after a long day of gay sex!"

1. Says he got rear-ended but the car looks fine


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