Mmmatt MmmmcCarten lays into Labour

Labour are clearly having a bad time of it and things are really bad when your supporters on the left have a crack at you too.

Matt McCarten has laid into Labour in his column in the HoS.

[quote]It's the fudging by the Prime Minister that is Labour's undoing. When the Electoral Commission, the Auditor-General and the Solicitor-General are all saying you have had your hand in the public purse to pay for your last election you don't attack them and dismiss their findings out of hand. And you certainly don't hint that if they do happen to be right you'll just change the law and make it retrospective to enable you to get away with your misdemeanour.[/quote]

and he doesn't leave the El Jefe issue alone either;

[quote]How Labour's minders allowed Field to try to spin that he was exonerated was clumsy. Clark's spin afterwards looked dreadful. She probably had no choice at that point to bluff her way through it and hope the public would lose interest. It clearly hasn't. National clearly thinks it's on an electoral winner when it is calling the Labour Party corrupt. No one believes that, of course. But the odour around the actions to bluff it out has hit Labour hard in the polls.[/quote]

Ummm…yes Matt we do believe Labour is corrupt.


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