Muck raking backfires on Labour

Despite the muck raking of Labour Don Brash has in fact increased his popularity.

A HoS poll showed 24 per cent say Brash is their preferred prime minister – up from 22.4 per cent in August. The poll also showed Brash was still National's preferred leader with 31.6 per cent support, ahead of John Key on 21 per cent and Bill "The Leaker" English on 15.8 per cent.

In further bad news for Labour and their weapons of mass distraction almost three-quarters of Kiwis disapprove of the private lives of politicians being brought to public attention in Parliament, with women strongly believing affairs of the heart belong at home. Only 16.5 per cent of females polled said private lives were fair political targets, compared with 25.5 per cent of men. 

Oh and how about the party rankings. National still in the lead hardly affected at all by the muck raking. So all round bad news for Labour. 

And the fight in the Don has surfaced with him calling the email thieves "scum". 

Also it turns out that any alleged affair happened before he was even an MP….so….to quote a certain failed history professor…."wheres the connection". 


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