Pledge Cards – all Nationals fault

Helen Clark has started the smear campaign. A sure signal that National is getting some traction beyond the "beltway".

On NewstalkZb this morning (9:36) she trotted out what was obviously decided at the weekend to be the Labour party line that it is all National Pparty slogans and a beat up for them to pay it back. She goes further and calls Brash a liar and consistantly outlines that Labours repsonse to the "lies" will be more innuendo and spin from them. Don't believe me go listen for yourself to a bitter and nasty Prime Minister desperately trying to justify their theft of our funds.


Paul Holmes: Prime Minister, commentators are now starting to refer openly to your government as corrupt, and we speak of you taking the half million dollars for the pledge card and your refusal to pay it back or accept that you didn't know it was wrong and then of course you have got the Taito Philip Field immigration rort, Why don't you start, I suppose, by paying back the pledge card money as polls indicate that people want you to do?

Helen Clark: Well firstly Paul the Audito-General has not put out his final report, ah…the draft has been selectively leaked, my understanding is that his target is the parliamentary service which makes the rules within which political parties spend their allocation, ah…he was inclined to the view that the rules are wrong but then the political parties have worked within those rules in good faith, as for these slogans about paying it back and quote curruption, these are National Party slogans they are clearly ridiculous,and quite frankly it is going to invite a very strong response from the Labour Party, starting with Dr Brash's lies on a lot of things including where he got his funding from.

She then goes on to malign everyone in the world as being muddled over the issues and continues the attack on the Exclusive Brethren.

Helen Calrk on a daily basis becomes more and more Muldoonist.


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