Political Satire soon to be banned

Labour is effectively trying to ban political satire in airing Helen Clarks crocodile tears over the Young Nats depicting her as DarthVader and other sites showig her as a Stalinist dictator.

Well I am sorry Helen, but toughen up and dry your eyes.

People call things as they see them and in many peoples eyse she is a Stalinist Dictator and she proves it every day with her utterances of intolerance.

One wonders when they will stop tagging missives denigrating Don Brash with this little image.

Pot, Kettle, Black, Prime Minister.

It also doesn't become the party to have one of their own politburo members shrieking out calling Don Brash Mr Magoo on his blog. Tell me again that their isn't a Labour strategy not to muckrack and engage in the politics of personal denigration….didn't think you could.

All this shrieking and wailing simply Helen trying to distract us from their blatant un-constitutional actions in buying and election with our own money.

Pay it Back Darth Helen Elizabethiev Clarkski.



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  • The political satire has reached its upper limit.

    Letterman's now taking the piss.

    An amazing effort to get a top 10 Helen.

    I assume David will soon be receiving a letter asking him to stop the satire,