Raiding piggybanks and the Robber Convention

Michael Bassett doesn't hold back in this mornings article in the Herald.

He comments on the three mayors secret cabal and their plan to create one city by raiding the piggybank and he also comments on Labours grubby antics.

[quote]Last Thursday's gathering of Auckland mayors and Prime Minister Helen Clark was no more than a gathering of political robbers in search of a diversion.

Having been caught with their hands too deep in the ratepayers' pockets, and about to face bills for the Rugby World Cup, the mayors wanted to divert attention by raiding Auckland Regional Council assets.

The Labour Party has been caught red-handed tickling the taxpayers' till for election purposes and wants headlines that don't say "Field" or "$446,000".

Government, too, faces extra bills because of the World Cup. In a fit of pre-election hype, Helen Clark flew around the world to help secure the event, but now seems reluctant to pay to redevelop Eden Park.

Facing a hiatus in the growth of central Government's revenue, mainly because of bad economic decisions, Labour wants someone else to pay for the World Cup.[/quote]

Indeed Michael, indeed.


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